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HVAC and Mechanical Services

JNW offers the opportunity for high-tech customers to focus on the advancement of their products and "leave the HVAC and Mechanical responsibilities to us.” Most customers find that by outsourcing the Service Management, they actually save money as well as provide better end service to their customers. JNW achieves this by offering our customers the lowest and most flexible pricing available due to the business volume JNW is able to give to its partners.


JNW provides our customers with a “Total Service Solution” related to ALL of their service needs in supporting their Wireless Networks. JNW is currently authorized to perform both in- and out-of-warranty repairs of infrastructure equipment on behalf of many of the largest wireless providers in the U.S. Our representatives provide all resources required in satisfying any service need for our customers’ cell and switch sites anywhere in North America.


JNW provides certified generator maintenance and repair on all brands and sizes of generators. We can also provide refueling services for diesel, propane, and other required fuel types. JNW can install new or replace existing equipment. We are a global leader in generator repair and services.

Capital Improvements

JNW is used by many large corporations with vast networks in removing old and installing new and better equipment for HVAC, generator, cabinet, and shelter improvements! Our techs are certified and highly experienced in providing upgrades and swaps for self-contained and split HVAC installs. We install all brands and types of generators. If you are looking to upgrade your equipment with better, newer, more efficient products, then look to JNW to provide the quality service you need.

Site Audits

JNW can provide site audit services with HD photos, extensive and custom detailed information on any equipment at your sites. Our fast and reliable service will satify your needs for a full inspection and provide easy access data logging so you can keep track of your sites and know what you have with the click of a button.

Weed and Landscaping

JNW can provide weed and landscape service for all of your trouble sites. We provide the best weed control in the business and can quickly clear overgrown trees, shrubs, and annoying weeds in and around your sites. JNW has major PM contracts with several large carriers to provide monthly service so that weeds never have a chance to take over their sites. We can recommend and customize a service plan specific to your needs and location requirements for all of your sites.

Pest Control

JNW can clean out and prevent harmful rodent infestation in cabinets and shelters and prevent failures due to out-of-control pest problems. Keep your equipment pest free with our scheduled services, or take care of an immediate infestation of nuisance bugs and flying insects.

Site Cleaning

Many sites in harsh locations can become infested with mold, overrun with animal droppings, and plastered with dirt and grime. JNW provides cleaning services and has developed an agent that helps reduce the amounts of harmful environmental impacts to the casings of your equipment. In this way, corrosion and deterioration are significantly reduced.

Our Values

Our Values Reflect Who We Are And What We Stand For!


To develop relationships with our customers that will make a positive difference in their lives.


To provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


To uphold the highest standards of integrity in all we do and in all of our actions with everyone we come in contact with.


To work together across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers, and to help their company succeed


To value all people, encourage their development, and reward their performance. To treat our people with the same respect we wish others to treat us with.


To be completely accountable for delivering on all our commitments and promises.